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              急救產品系列 醫用床系列 醫用推車系列 醫用檢查、消毒燈 醫用椅凳系列 醫用其它系列 健康小屋
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                     Zhejiang Huazhong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd with a team of excellent technical staffs in the medical industry, is specialized in production and management of medical appliances and accessories. for twenty years, HuaZhong aim to manufacture, technological research and innovation, and quickly develop from small company to large-scale enterprise, also the catagories of product vary from single to variety. HuaZhong has repeatedly been rated as "advanced production units", "Star Enterprise" and also been awarded as the equipment supplier of The General Logistics Department of PLA. The inflatable CFR developed by HuaZhong ahead of the international level is the first item for the domestic product. In recent years, HuaZhong has won the bidding again and again in The General Logistics Department of PLA, Tibet, LiaoNing and other provincial health system. Now our products are exported to the Mid-east, Southeast of Asia, Europe and America and other countries and win good reputation both at home and abroad. our company will always keep on improving our products to supply our customer with stable quality for fully satisfying our customer’s requirements.
                     Thanks for all of the customer’s concern and patronage for twenty years. Also we sincerely hope that you could give us continued supports and let us create a new 21 century in common to promote the development of the medical industry of China.
                     The company is located in the South of Zhejiang, the Gulf of YueQing in the East China Sea coast, backed by the resort of Yandang Mountain, about 30km away from WenZhou, a good place for tourism shopping.
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